A Swedish pop artist



Håkan Hellström is born in 2nd of April 1974 in Gothenburg and now he is 35 years old. He lives both with his partner Nathalie Dávet, from Brazil and theirs two children. They have both an apartment in Stockholm and in Gothenburg.


He has played in the band called Broder Daniel (at the year 1990) that he started with his friends from high school.


His solo career started in October 2000. There he produced his first album, “Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg”. It became a real success and did his first impress in the pop world.


In 2002 he released his second album. “Det är så jag säger det”. This album is inspired by Brazil, because his band and he travelled to Brazil the year before. (It was at this trip he meet his wife Nathalie).


In 2005 he released two albums. In February: “Ett kolikbarns bekännelse” and in December “Nåt gammalt, nåt nytt, nått lånat, nåt blått” Both of the two albums are very calm.


His fifth and last album came out in March, 2008. “Försent för Edelweiss”. It did sell gold direct and all of his fans were more then happy about his comeback after a long break.


He is famous for his clothes, he has given the sailor-suit a face in the music way.


The lyrics are about his life and all kind of relation he has (friends etc.), problems, love relations, success and setback.


His voice is kind of special, because it can fail sometime. He himself doesn’t think or care about it and he says that if you don’t like his song style its okay for him, he doesn’t care. Either you love his voice or you hate it.

That’s the way it is!





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