Allergic but...

I’m allergic to animals, to all of the furred animals. It is congenital and it can’t remedy. There is no cure for that.


When I was little (6 years old or something like that) a huge dog jumped up in my face. “It will just say hello” the dog owner sad. Since that time I have been afraid to animals, almost all of them.  I nearly hate animals, it’s awful but it's the truth. But I can not deny that they are cute. I mean, who can resist saying “naaw” and just want to cuddle and neck?


No time in my life has it been self-evidence to been or live whit animals but now when I’m together whit my boyfriend it is different. He’s living outside of the city, beyond Ersmark. And naturally they have a lot of animals… as kind as he is he obviously want me to hazard. At last I did and now my opinion about animals is: “oh, love them…”


Picture proof...


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