To be a vegetarian

To eat vegetarian food is much better then to eat meat. It’s difficult to get but it is the winner in many ways.


For the environment for example, the meat industry release so much more harmful carbon dioxide. To eat vegetarian food is a better choice if we still want the good environment in the future. It’s even better for your own health, because the vegetable fat is healthier then the animal fat is. The meat includes more rest products, so you don’t always know what you eat. And that’s unpleasant…


If more people will choose to eat vegetarian food the starvation will reduce in the world. For that reason that it needs more energy and money to produce animals then it is to grow plants and vegetables. Because of that we can venture more on human’s lives and living condition.


The arguments who is against this topic is kind of worthless compare the arguments who are for. They are weak because they are so easy to argue against. The most common arguments we usually hear is “but meat taste so good” or “we have eaten meat since the first human became so why shouldn’t we eat it now too? Sure, but stuffs isn’t the same nowadays as it was then and almost everything we do, perform or eat has change a lot..


It’s difficult to understand that there aren’t more people who eat vegetarian food. It’s not a hard or big decision to do; it’s just an act a kindness, both for you and the world. Think that you actually can help poor people, the world hunger and contribute to save the environment whit only a new diet.


So, with hope we trust that you have got an eye-opener and maybe you already tomorrow change your thought and eat vegetarian food.




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