Allergic but...

I’m allergic to animals, to all of the furred animals. It is congenital and it can’t remedy. There is no cure for that.


When I was little (6 years old or something like that) a huge dog jumped up in my face. “It will just say hello” the dog owner sad. Since that time I have been afraid to animals, almost all of them.  I nearly hate animals, it’s awful but it's the truth. But I can not deny that they are cute. I mean, who can resist saying “naaw” and just want to cuddle and neck?


No time in my life has it been self-evidence to been or live whit animals but now when I’m together whit my boyfriend it is different. He’s living outside of the city, beyond Ersmark. And naturally they have a lot of animals… as kind as he is he obviously want me to hazard. At last I did and now my opinion about animals is: “oh, love them…”


Picture proof...

To be a vegetarian

To eat vegetarian food is much better then to eat meat. It’s difficult to get but it is the winner in many ways.


For the environment for example, the meat industry release so much more harmful carbon dioxide. To eat vegetarian food is a better choice if we still want the good environment in the future. It’s even better for your own health, because the vegetable fat is healthier then the animal fat is. The meat includes more rest products, so you don’t always know what you eat. And that’s unpleasant…


If more people will choose to eat vegetarian food the starvation will reduce in the world. For that reason that it needs more energy and money to produce animals then it is to grow plants and vegetables. Because of that we can venture more on human’s lives and living condition.


The arguments who is against this topic is kind of worthless compare the arguments who are for. They are weak because they are so easy to argue against. The most common arguments we usually hear is “but meat taste so good” or “we have eaten meat since the first human became so why shouldn’t we eat it now too? Sure, but stuffs isn’t the same nowadays as it was then and almost everything we do, perform or eat has change a lot..


It’s difficult to understand that there aren’t more people who eat vegetarian food. It’s not a hard or big decision to do; it’s just an act a kindness, both for you and the world. Think that you actually can help poor people, the world hunger and contribute to save the environment whit only a new diet.


So, with hope we trust that you have got an eye-opener and maybe you already tomorrow change your thought and eat vegetarian food.



A Swedish pop artist



Håkan Hellström is born in 2nd of April 1974 in Gothenburg and now he is 35 years old. He lives both with his partner Nathalie Dávet, from Brazil and theirs two children. They have both an apartment in Stockholm and in Gothenburg.


He has played in the band called Broder Daniel (at the year 1990) that he started with his friends from high school.


His solo career started in October 2000. There he produced his first album, “Känn ingen sorg för mig Göteborg”. It became a real success and did his first impress in the pop world.


In 2002 he released his second album. “Det är så jag säger det”. This album is inspired by Brazil, because his band and he travelled to Brazil the year before. (It was at this trip he meet his wife Nathalie).


In 2005 he released two albums. In February: “Ett kolikbarns bekännelse” and in December “Nåt gammalt, nåt nytt, nått lånat, nåt blått” Both of the two albums are very calm.


His fifth and last album came out in March, 2008. “Försent för Edelweiss”. It did sell gold direct and all of his fans were more then happy about his comeback after a long break.


He is famous for his clothes, he has given the sailor-suit a face in the music way.


The lyrics are about his life and all kind of relation he has (friends etc.), problems, love relations, success and setback.


His voice is kind of special, because it can fail sometime. He himself doesn’t think or care about it and he says that if you don’t like his song style its okay for him, he doesn’t care. Either you love his voice or you hate it.

That’s the way it is!




My second trip to Barcelona

Hi hello! Or maybe “good day”. This is my first submission… and I feel that a quick little introduction of my self would be great. All right, my name is Fanny Olander and I am seventeen years old (soon eighteen and lawful I can drive, drink and even get in prison). I’m living with my family at Västerslätt, nearly ÖB (very nice! I know). No pets, oh no I’m kidding! My little sister actually got a hamster. On my spear time I associate most of the hour’s whit my immediate family. Who includes mum, dad, little sister and my dearest boyfriend. Okay, that was the basic facts now I’m going to talk about blogs and to be a blogger. I already got a blog where I both write and outsource images, pictures that I have photographed myself. At first, when I made the blog the point was to publish my own images. Since I love to photograph and edit pictures. And I got to show off them somewhere! I’m sure that you wondering what I write in the blog?  I will tell. Everything between the heaven and earth. For example; perhaps when I travel? Let’s see… last week I came home from Barcelona there I had been for five days. Oversleep in a unknown bed, ate different food, saw new places and flew aircraft. That’s sounds like a trip and something that I’m going to blogs about! I will show you the trip with some pictures, which I have taken myself of course.

This is the absolutely first pictures from the travel. It is my best friend Julia ( who also got a blog of course) who is sitting at Arlanda, in Stockholm in a “bed” who we make of some armchairs. “What bed” you think. We made an own bed who we slept the night in. In the next morning we ride to Barcelona…

I just say ice cream. Ice cream, I really love it. One of my biggest passions. In the summer I work in an ice cream stand and I enjoy it from the bottom of my heart. Anyway, the Swedish ice cream is delicious but, the Italian (the sell it in Spain too) is outstanding. Can you understand who my ice cream-heart beats?

Something that it is plenty of in Barcelona is Street art. Work of art on the walls and streets. I who am interested in art love to walk around the block and just look and inspires. This I one of many pictures of Street art I got from this city.

Two happy siblings. My sister and I. Who also named Julia, who is the reason for the whole trip actually. She is living in Barcelona whit my cousin Isabelle. They have live there sense September last year and they thrive and pleased whit theirs living.

In November last year were my family and I there and visit them so this time it was the second time. I really love the city and perhaps I moved there in the future.


Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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